I now sell a selection of beautifully designed postcards which you can purchase directly from my store at Postcard.Network which is owned by and is home to my full collection of greeting cards and prints.   These postcards are not available anywhere else.

All postcards are very high quality, gloss laminated,  using 350gsm cardstock.  This makes them not only very strong but also gives the card a lovely glossy look to them which makes them more special for the recipient.  Postcards sent within the UK are £1.99 including postage  and £2.29  including postage overseas.   

The postcard website is very easy to use.  You simply select your card, type in your message when prompted, add the recipients name and address then checkout.   Your card will then be printed and shipped.   It couldn't be easier!  If you are also given the ability to upload your own image/photo  at no extra cost and as long as it meets the required quality checks.

Postcards are a perfect way to send short messages to family and friends and they can also be used for many different occasions and  events such as birthday parties, weddings, save the date, promotions, reminders, sales etc.  The list is endless.  They can even be used to create home decor by adding the card to a frame.